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The Family Effect has a priority in 2015...raising $1.9 million to give treatment access to hundreds of local children for the first time.

Each year, the programs we support treat about 1,500 local families, with about 2,500 children.  Young children living with addicted parents are often traumatized.  They may be  nonverbal, physically delayed, or unable to bond emotionally.  They may have no trust of adults, and may be completely withdrawn into their own quiet world, with no ability to interact.

When combined with treatment for the parents, therapeutic intervention for preschool children can heal emotional trauma and restore developmental progress.  Cognitive and social delays disappear.  Smiles reappear.  Imagination and learning bloom.  And when the kids do better, parents do better.  The family stays together, and taxpayers save money.  Everybody wins.

For the last 20 years, our child treatment program at Serenity Place has made amazing progress in treating children of addicted parents.  One year after completing treatment and therapeutic care at Serenity Place, 83% of our children are performing at grade level in a mainstream school, with about 75% of our mothers avoiding recurrence.  For every child kept out of foster care, taxpayers save $ 20,159 in immediate costs, and $ 222,443 over time. 

This specialized child treatment has only been available to about 29 kids at a time...children living with their mothers in treatment at Serenity Place.  Because of space limitations, almost none of the 2,100 children in our Outpatient families has access to this same treatment.

The Campaign for Serenity's Children is going to change that.  We are raising $1.9 million to build an 8,000 square foot child treatment building at Serenity Place.  This breakthrough project will triple our capacity to help young children living with addicted parents, bringing hope and transformation to 90 children at a time, and 200 over the course of a year.

Many community leaders have stepped up in our efforts to raise these funds by Fall 2015.  We hope you'll join them...and us.  Let's create something great together.

Download a full Campaign Packet to learn more.

Download just a Fact Sheet with drawings of the new building.

Contact Allison Safford at (864) 467-3748 to ask questions or schedule a quick, no-obligation tour of Serenity Place and the grounds for the new children's treatment center.